Teeth Whitening

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The Most Searched and Sought After Cosmetic Dental Procedure

For years, there have been two problems that have challenged and frustrated both dentists and patients about teeth whitening:

Dr. Kaiser has invested her time to learn and master teeth whitening. She will make your teeth whitening appointment rewarding and meet your expectation. You will achieve a bright-white and dazzling smile. Success is here with Dr. Kaiser’s Bleaching systems.


Deep Bleaching

The Most Effective Bleaching Technique That Provides Amazing Results!

The Deep Bleaching system consists of one in-office treatment, “The conditioning Session”. Then the bleaching continues with a two week at home session and one final in-office session for the "wow" factor. It is not a quick fix process. Deep Bleaching is a commitment to a brighter smile.

  • Almost no acute sensitivity and consistent results.
  • The whitest teeth possible- a Deep Conditioning Method.
  • Penetrates deep into the core of the tooth resulting in lasting results.
  • Will whiten tough yellow or brown stained teeth due to medications (Tetracycline)
  • Highly Technical bleaching trays
  • Not a fast process. Multiple bleaching sessions
  • Must wear bleaching trays overnight.
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Zoom In-Office, One Hour Bleaching

The “ZOOM” process is four ultra-violet light bleaching sessions, 15 minutes each. Each session your smile is treated with a high power bleaching agent. Immediate follow up with at home bleaching for a week is necessary.

  • Fast and Convenient, In-Office, One hour treatment.
  • Will whiten minor to average staining - with good results
  • At home bleaching reduced to one week
  • 30 minute at home bleaching instead of overnight.
  • Less effective on tough stains or severe Tetracycline staining.
  • Less penetrating therefore less permanent
  • May have acute sensitivity
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